Taylor Brice and Jenny Little were exceptional to work with. Going through a divorce has got to be one of the hardest life events, and Taylor made it easier. He was knowledgeable while also being understanding of my needs in the process. I would highly recommend him and his paralegal, Jenny Little, who was highly responsive and supportive as well.

5 Star Review

Nikki Johnson

Taylor and Jenny have been so gracious, kind and professional with assisting me with my needs. I definitely recommend utilizing their services.

 5 Star Review


Working with Taylor Brice and Jenny Little were great \. They kept me informed, worked with my needs, and did their best to assist through a tough divorce. Kara was also great to work with for the brief time I was assigned to Jordan Mader’s legal team as well.

5 Star Review

Rhiannon McVeyRhiannon McVey

I felt like my matter was taken care of completely and with meticulous attention to detail. Their communication with me was second to none! I would recommend them any day!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!!!

5 Star Review

Angelica Nowak

The Attorneys are incredible. Relocation cases are incredibly challenging, and dealing with an ex who is a narcissist makes parenting, decision making and decision in the best interest of the children impossible to agree on. My family was relocating out of state and dealing with an ex who does not cooperate or put the children first made this process almost impossible. Not only did we end up relocating with the children, but Robert handled dealing with an impossible ex with grace and patience, and the smarts to win our case. My children’s voices were not heard in our divorce, and they made sure that they were in this relocation. I highly recommend them for any family proceedings. You are retaining the very best legal services that money can buy. Robert was not just an attorney, he legitimately cared about my family and my daughters. My ex did not play nice- nasty attitude, vindictive behavior, tried to use the kids to hurt me. The Attorneys were amazing in dealing with this, and holding the other parent accountable for their appalling behavior.
If you need the best in the business, as well as a great human beings representing you, I am telling you that there is nobody better than Robert Perrone. He literally did the impossible. They beat the unbeatable, and saved my kids’ lives. Thank you!

5 Star Review

Christopher Donovan

They helped me obtain the outcome I needed for my modification. Can’t recommend Johnson O’Keefe more.

5 Star Review 

Nicholas Stam
I have a high profile case involving a custody matter, that stretched across multiple States, which included Colorado. I contacted Johnson Law Group, the team was exceptional in applying the law, and very responsive. At one point I had 4 Law firms attending to the matter in 4 different States, Johnson Law Group stood out as the best Law Firm, exemplifying integrity, fairness and strategies for the case. I highly recommend Johnson Law Group.


Jorel Shophar
Had great help with Shannon pulling together a prenuptial agreement in a short amount of time. Greatly appreciated her support!


Brie DeLisi
This review nor a amount a amount of characters can express how grateful I am for Johnson law. From the moment I called they gave me a peace of mind that they where going to be able to help me thru my child custody situation. I worked with Yasaman and she was super professional and caring. From the moment she started working on my case and laid down the road map to our approach to my case it happened to a tee. She never misled me or over promises anything but over delivered every step of the way! The last 6 months would of been hell if it wasn’t for Johnson Law and Yasaman. I can’t say thank you enough for what y’all did for me!!!!!


Jaime Sosa
The Johnson Law Group was my saving grace in mitigating my divorce process. They were very professional and showed heart warming empathy towards me. The entire group treated my like an actual person and not just another client. My questions were always answered in a timely manner and the process was so easy. I would absolutely recommend the Johnson Law Group to anyone reading this and I will be telling anyone I know, that may also need their services. They will treat you right and be in your corner.


Kimberly Dunlap
They have been extremely helpful in my somewhat complicated divorce/custody battle. They are extremely responsive and always available if I have any questions. I would definitely [recommend] them to anyone seeking family law assistance.


Zack Leavitt
This family law firm is notably professional, caring, and competent in handling what is, understandably, a very difficult and emotional event in any person’s life. Their dedication to my case, along with their empathy and expertise, has been instrumental in making a terrible situation manageable. Of note, their candor towards legal realities and reasonable expectations has largely kept emotions from irrationally directing the course of the proceedings.


William O’Neill
I had the pleasure of working with Yasaman and she was nothing less then great! She really understood me and the frustration I had going through the case I had. I would definitely use her again!


My experience with the Johnson Law Group has been nothing more than spectacular. From the initial phone call I spoke to Myles Johnson, he gave great direction on how to proceed. Then acquiring the firm as my legal representation I worked with Said and he helped me step by step to get what I was looking for. I have already recommended two different individuals I know to Johnson Law Group and will be using them for all future situations. From the legal team to Cory at the front desk, everyone at the firm is top-notch.


Brady Martinez
Shannon was a great help. She really cares about what she is doing. Everything was taken care of when needed to be done and she never slacked on her job. Johnson law group was by far the best law firm I have been through. They always make sure your needs are met and are always there if you have a question or need something. Highly recommend this law firm because of the expertise, kind-hearted, professional work I have received.



I’m extremely proud of the most professional and considerate Johnson Law Group. I appreciate all the help my attorney and paralegal has done for me in the best interest of my daughters future. They’re all most knowledgeable, caring law group! I couldn’t have done it without their genuine support on representing my case(s). I’m grateful for all they have done for my daughter and I.


These folks are a team and do wonderful work you can count on them to treat your case very personably. They helped me get my two kids back from their mom who had her own lawyer as well and didn’t let me get bullied around. I wish I called sooner.


I would highly recommend Johnson Law Group for anything involving your custody battle. They were understanding, professional and answered all my questions through the whole thing. Thankful I chose this office because I got everything I asked for.


Myles is the most amazing attorney to ever exist. He helped me get 50% of my daughter when I had no time at all. He is always responsive. Cut me a couple deals with phone conversations. He was so helpful throughout the entire process and really cares for his clients. My family would not be whole if it wasn’t for him. I will forever be indebted to him and would refer anyone that needs a family law attorney to this practice. Thank you so much Myles


Elizabeth and everyone at Johnson Law Group were amazing helping us get through a custody battle! Highly recommend.


I found this law firm by a Google search, they were relatively close to my house, so we decided to check them out. It was the BEST decision we made for our family law case. We had Elizabeth represent us and she did such an amazing job! She was professional, timely, great communication, did a great job explaining the legal aspects, really laid out all that we needed and took all the stress of the situation away from us. All the staff that we communicated with was amazing as well, especially our paralegal Paola. I would and have recommended this law firm to others looking for a family lawyer. We plan to use them for any future issues that arise as well, that’s just how satisfied we are. If you’re looking, look no further. Just can’t say enough good things about this firm.


I worked with Elizabeth and she did way more for me than I thought possible. I was in a bad situation when I came in. She took my case then proceeded to go above and beyond until the very end. Everyone I dealt with at the firm was extremely professional, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable. With them working my case my stress about the whole thing was pretty much gone.


Myles is very professional and well informed in his field. He helped me resolve custody quickly and in a way that all parties were happy. Cassidy their paralegal was also extremely helpful and client driven . 5 stars!!


Myles helped me draft a prenuptial agreement, and he was a trusted and helpful advisor during a very delicate legal negotiation process with my now-husband!


Genet and Shannon were amazing, communicative, supportive and great to work with. Highly recommend.


Excellent legal service provided in a professional and timely manner. All my questions answered and very friendly staff. Cost for service very reasonable. Highly recommended to you by me! Give her a call.


Myles and Genet Johnson truly helped to make a stressful situation positive, understandable and manageable. They’re professional and supportive team work was beyond efficient and they got the job done in the least amount of time and with the least stress possible. They’re an amazing team to help with family needs and are always available to answer any questions or support. I would definitely recommend Myles and Genet Johnson for any family legal needs.


Myles Johnson and everyone at his firm made my divorce a speedy and not a stressful experience. Everyone was fast to return calls or emails. They explained everything thoroughly and so that I could understand the process. They worked with me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Johnson Law Group and if needed would go with them again. Thank you so much.


Myles Johnson is an excellent divorce attorney – the Best of the Best! I HIGHLY recommend him and his legal team of paralegals and staff because I had a great experience with them. Myles is smart and savvy and fully committed to his clients as an attorney and mediator. He represented me in my divorce and when we went to court his talent and expertise rose to the top giving me confidence and inspiration during this hardship. I am so glad I had Johnson Law Group at my side! It made my divorce a little bit easier knowing this group had my back and worked hard to get me what was fair and equitable with the utmost care and concern for me as a client and most importantly as an individual.


I called Johnson Law Group extremely frustrated and stressed with the process of my custody case. From the consultation to every conversation after, Elizabeth went out of her way to make sure that i was comfortable with all the matters and decisions. My goals and the safety of my children were always the priority to the JLG team. I highly recommend Elizabeth and the whole Johnson Law Group team to anyone going through custody matters. Elizabeth, Cassidy, and Paola were amazing, and made me feel like i was a friend, not just a client. I would happily use them again if needed.


My divorce was extremely difficult. I faced very serious allegations and the possibility of losing my children and almost complete financial ruin. I felt alone and desperate. If it hadn’t been for the professionals at Johnson Law Group my life would have been ruined for years to come if not permanently. Everyone at the firm demonstrated nothing but professionalism, compassion, and an unrelenting commitment to advocate for me. Mrs. Elizabeth Gregory litigated tirelessly in my behalf. I felt I had a friend in my corner who knew the law inside and out, a true world class litigator. She was there for me, to answer all my questions, and defend my case every step of the process. Mrs. Gregory was sincerely invested in my case and never rested. She encouraged me to continue the good fight when I thought I had nothing left in me. It was an honor and a privilege having Mrs. Gregory as my attorney. If what you need is the best in legal representation look no further. Johnson Law Group will ensure the best possible outcome no matter what your case is. If I’m ever in need of legal representation again, I will not even consider anybody else. Thank you


I wasn’t familiar with the process of child custody but I must say not only did Myles and his team direct me properly but it was a process that wasn’t money motivated. Very professional group, I was constantly informed of any step or move needed to be made, and they took a very stressful situation and made it a very pleasant storm. When you have someone in your corner that understands the importance of family it makes the situation a ton easier, thank you Myles and Johnson group for everything!


Amazing law firm. Professional, caring, organized. They will represent your best interests! They communicate well with you and are straight forward with everything from rates to the legal process. Myles Johnson is a experienced, knowledgeable, well-versed in the laws as they pertain in each county throughout the State of Colorado. As a client, I highly recommend Johnson Law Group!!


I was in a very difficult custody/child support dispute with my ex-spouse. The Johnson law Group and in particular Elizabeth Gregory was phenomenal with their representation of my case. Working with her was such a wonderful experience, kept our goals at the top of every conversation, knew all points and avenues that we could take, never lead us in the wrong direction They worked tirelessly on my case and the outcome was exactly what I expected!
I would recommend this firm to anyone who is going through a family law issue.


Johnson Law Group has the greatest Attorneys and staff in Colorado State. I recommend every family to choose this Law Firm. Attorney Genet Johnson and Myles Johnson has profound knowledge of the Law, and they can help individuals to have balance, peace of mind, avoid issues, assist with problems, work on important aspects of communication/listening, each solution carefully crafted, negotiate, prompted responding, support their clients, manage day to day operations, efficient, professional, prepare in a timely matter, reliable, trust worthy, explain everything before proceeding, dedicated, and patience. Johnson Law Group is #1 for supporting families.


Very professional, and caring. Helped me through a difficult divorce and made what I thought was going to be an impossible process so much easier. Everything was handled well, they listened to all my concerns, and responded in a timely manner. I would highly recommend using Johnson Law Group, they are amazing!


Myles and his firm did an excellent job on my case. He helped me settle a financial dispute with my ex-wife concerning my retirement income. He was firm and consistent while being very professional with the opposition. Myles was a good communicator and responded to questions and concerns promptly. I will definitely call him if I am ever in need of a lawyer.


Johnson Law Group did and is doing an excellent job with my case. Quick response to questions, making the line of communication superb. Thanks for all help and wish you all a great future.


Myles represented me in my divorce. My spouse tried to take my daughter from me by filing an emergency motion to restrict my time based on lies. Myles showed the Judge the truth and undercut her allegations. The Judge ruled in our favor, granted me make up time, and ordered that my spouse pay my attorney fees for filing the false allegations. Thanks Myles!!!


Myles took great care in guiding a smooth process from start to finish drafting a prenuptial agreement. He was responsive, efficient, and coordinated well with my wife’s attorney. Very happy with the final result


Genet and Myles Johnson were two of the most helpful attorneys for us! Not only were they professional, articulate, kind, and knowledgeable but they were also on top of everything. They handled all of the scary details for us during a custody dispute so we didn’t need to worry about anything during this time. I truly appreciate their kindness and helpfulness and would recommend them to anyone seeking good representation for their family law needs.


Myles and Genet are awesome! I have had to have several rewording of documents due to my ex-husband being in the military. I felt like I was bothering them but they said I could contact them anytime! I highly recommend the Johnson law office!! They are awesome!!


Myles was excellent during my divorce and custody case. I had a very high-stress, and complicated situation, and not only was he efficient, but he kept me at ease throughout the entire process. He is genuine and professional, and I could not recommend him enough


I worked with Elizabeth and she did way more for me than I thought possible. I was in a bad situation when I came in. She took my case then proceeded to go above and beyond until the very end. Everyone I dealt with at the firm was extremely professional, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable. With them working my case my stress about the whole thing was pretty much gone.


Nick D


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