Distinguished Florida Family Law Attorney & Managing Partner Anne Hinds

Attorney Anne Hinds has vast experience as a litigator.

Family Law Attorney & Managing Partner Anne Hinds

For Anne Hinds, family law isn’t just a practice; it’s a legacy woven into the very fabric of her being. Her unwavering advocacy, passion, and commitment to serving others and her community cause her priority to put clients first.  Born into a family of legal eagles for generations, her passion for justice runs deep, evident in her decades-long career vigorously advocating and protecting her clients’ rights in Florida’s all facets of family matters.

Combined Generations of Legacy

Experience Etched in Every Case: Since 1992, Anne has honed her craft in the crucible of countless courtroom battles. From intricate property divisions to sensitive child custody arrangements, her extensive litigation experience ensures your case is in the hands of a seasoned warrior. Judges across the state recognize her unparalleled expertise, regularly recommending her to those seeking unwavering representation.

A Fierce Advocate in Your Corner: Anne isn’t just a legal tactician; she’s a passionate champion for her clients. With a blend of sharp intellect and fierce dedication, she fights tirelessly to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome. When navigating the emotional turmoil of family law, you need an advocate who understands the law and empathizes with your struggles. Anne is that advocate who cares and fights for each and every client and their family.

A Bridge Across Borders: Her reach extends beyond Florida’s sunny shores. Licensed to practice in both Florida and Colorado, Anne can seamlessly guide clients navigating legal complexities across both states. This unique advantage offers exceptional flexibility and expertise, regardless of your geographical location. Anne’s firm has the resources and office locations in both states.

Beyond the Courtroom: While Anne’s dedication to her clients shines brightest in the courtroom, her commitment to justice extends beyond the legal arena. She actively mentors young lawyers, volunteers her time for pro bono work through Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach, and advocates for impactful legal reforms. This unwavering dedication to her community further underscores her character and values.

Choosing Anne Hinds means choosing excellence:

  • Generations of legal legacy: Deep expertise passed down through family, honed in the courtroom for decades.
  • Unparalleled litigation experience: From sensitive negotiations to courtroom battles, Anne has seen it all, and your case benefits from her wisdom.
  • Fierce and zealous advocacy and unwavering empathy: You’re not just a case; you’re a person worthy of relentless defense and compassionate support.
  • Borderless expertise: Seamlessly navigate legal complexities across Florida and Colorado with an attorney licensed in both states.
  • Commitment to community and justice: Choose an attorney who fights for your rights in the courtroom and for a better legal system beyond it. Recognized for her work by the Florida Bar

Anne Hinds is more than just a family law attorney; she’s your trusted advisor, your unwavering advocate, and a champion for families across generations and borders. Trust your legacy to the legacy of legal excellence. Visit our Family Law Blog to learn more about working with Johnson O’Keefe. You can also contact Johnson O’Keefe Law Firm today at (561) 453-4444 and schedule a complimentary attorney consultation with Florida Family Law Attorney Anne Hinds here.

 More About Working With Family Law Attorney Anne Hinds:

Anne Hinds is a renowned Florida family law attorney with extensive litigation experience. Licensed in both Florida and Colorado, she offers clients unparalleled expertise and dedication, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results. Anne’s passion for justice extends beyond the courtroom, evident in her commitment to pro bono work and community service. Her ability to recognize the needs of a case early on provides the insight needed to carefully navigate through the different family law options. At Johnson O’Keefe, we are proud to call Anne our leader and look forward to serving Floridans.  Read what Clients have to say about working with Anne:

“Anne took amazing care of me and helped me so much threw the most difficult part of my life , if they helped me they can help you!” – Julius Haynes

5 Star Review

“There are many good attorneys in the world, but if you want one of the greatest attorneys then you need Anne Hinds. Anne is not only professional and has a great understanding of the law, but she shows compassion when it is needed. Anne just assisted me in a legal matter that I don’t think another attorney would have been able to in such a timely manner. I would recommend Anne to any one of my friends or family. Thank you Anne.” – Paul Prince

5 Star Review

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